3 Applications To View Your Entire Internet History In One Place [Windows]

Do you use various internet browsers for different purposes? Lets say like Mozilla for small purposes, Google chrome for flash-based (games as an example) and internet explorer for some other things. Now you are not able to keep a track-record of the history of your activities and you need to do that to save some time.

If keeping the history of all your internet activity is your problem then here is a solution. There are some applications available now to bring all your major browsers, emails, etc. together at one place.

Browsing History

1. Mitec Email History :

The interface is same as the one we discussed above in the same article. Microsoft windows live mail, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft windows mail and Mozilla Thunderbird are the clients it can support. At the left bottom of the application, you will find dedicated tabs for various clients and each app which is supported by it.

All the folders and accounts can be seen in the center of the screen. It is fun to use application for going through your email accounts but the problem arises with loading the body text, you can only load headers. It works very well in all the products of windows, works like gem in all the windows.

2. Mitec Internet history Messaging :

It can be the most charming one among the others because of its usefulness in IM history Windows Live messenger,Skype,ICQ7 Yahoo Messenger is the clients it supports. If you are using multiple messengers individually then this app is very useful for you. Dedicated tabs are provided at the left bottom of the screen. One click and your job are done.

All these apps that we have talked in the article are brilliant in their way and the best thing about these apps are that all of them support network connection and are fully portable. You are able to go through internet history of your PC and other’s also which are on your network and this is not just any feature, it’s a huge one, a great one. All of these are worth giving a try.

3. MiTec Internet History Browser :

It brings the history of your internet activities together from almost all the browsers such internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, safari, opera and others. It goes through the history of all the browsers working on your computer and represents them in a chronological order. All the browsers mix and finally give out as one.

When you use it, you will see that everything is in the form of a list in which no tabs are present in various browsers, just the clean and clear vision of the history of your internet usage. The time when you visited a page, exact URL of the page also the number of times you visited the page, all these details are at a click away. Just click on the concerned entry and get all the details about it. You can then open the page in default browser if you want to.

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