How To Personalize Microsoft Windows

Personalize Windows

Tired of the same look of your Microsoft Windows day after day? You have browsed the internet for some bright wallpaper but after a few days that also becomes boring and now you feel depressed by staring at your desktop! Well don’t worry here are some guides on how to personalize your windows to your choosing and it will keep you refreshed. First step is how to … [Read more...]

Tips For Enabling Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a latest communication method developed which allows two devices to pair together over Wi-Fi without routers or any other such device. This new technology offers very high data transfer rate which is even faster than Bluetooth. Unlike Bluetooth Wi-Fi direct also has greater range of about 30 feet and also uses less power because file transfer is so … [Read more...]

How To Keep Windows 7 Smooth And Fast

Microsoft Windows 7

Getting annoyed about frequent slowing down of your Windows 7 PC? Even the boot times seem to have increased and you have to wait a while before the desktop is ready to be used? You maybe baffled with all this problems even though you must be thinking that I have decent specification that wouldn’t allow my windows to crawl like at a snails place. Well by the time … [Read more...]

How To Access Facebook When Blocked

Access Blocked Facebook

If you notice that Facebook has been blocked maybe by your ISP or even by your school network or something along those lines then there is many ways to unblock it. There is whats called a proxy service. So you could use a proxy website, so if you just search for 'Proxy website' or even 'Unblock Facebook at School' then you will find a service which actually helps … [Read more...]