Tips on Improving Internet Explorer Security

Internet Explorer Security

Well you might use Internet explorer 9 occasionally or you’re a avid daily user of this browser. Although you have heard from Microsoft that the security of Internet explorer is flawless and it provides you of the most secure web browsing that you can ever experience. Indeed it is like that but Internet explorer might be sending your entire browsing history to … [Read more...]

Step By Step Guide For Optimizing Firefox Security

Firefox Security

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most powerful and famous web browsers till date. It has lots of add-ons and security features that make sure that you have a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience. The security features are top notch and are always updated with the next version that is released. They also release frequent smaller security updates that make sure that no … [Read more...]

Tips To Discover Unknown Shortcuts In Windows

Unknown shortcut Keys Windows

To speed up your navigation around windows you need to master the use of keyboard because at the touch of combination of buttons you can easily launch or close applications and moreover your response time to various things in windows also increases as compared to using mouse for navigations. In this article you will be introduced to some of the unknown windows … [Read more...]

Keyboard Is Easier And Mighter Than Mouse


Whenever we are working on the PC we always rely on the mouse to get most of our job done but to get the job done more quickly keyboard is ideal choice. Well most of you would say that this is not the case as with mouse everything is a single click away but it’s not true. If you consider the complexity we have to hold the mouse and take the pointer all the way to … [Read more...]

Procedure For Multiple Sign In Without Using Multiple Browsers

Gmail Multiple Login

Google is now a bigger part of our life. Without ever realizing it we depend on Google for most of our queries. We use a number of Google accounts for our different works. We have one account for our emails, other accounts for public forums, comments and such. Before to use these multiple accounts we had to sign in separately each time after logging in and signing out … [Read more...]

Step by Step Guide For Dual Booting Windows

Windows Dual Boot

These days we mostly use Windows 7 but not all applications are compatible with the latest windows 7, especially the applications that were designed for windows XP or the applications that were developed during the reign of Windows XP. Windows 7 supports latest SATA technology and what not. But now we are in a fix what to do? Well don’t worry by the time you’re … [Read more...]

A Step By Step Guide To Networking Between Computers

Networking Between Two Computers

Networking between computers is very important thing because it will allow you to connect to each other and transfer files between the PC easily. Not only transferring files but also you can share printers with each other. Networking may sound easy with the built in wizards in both the operating system but actually it’s quite difficult to get the hang of … [Read more...]

A Step By Step Guide To Add Live Email Accounts To Outlook 2010

Add Email Account In Outlook 2010

You must be one of the user who have been using Hotmail since long time and also user of Microsoft outlook. Sometimes it’s just tiring to have to open my multiple email account separately and check them one by one. With Microsoft’s new outlook 2010 it’s possible to integrate other email service to your existing outlook account. Good part of outlook 2010 is that it … [Read more...]

How To Export Bookmark From Firefox To Internet Explorer?

Export Firefox Bookmarks

There are lots of browsers available on the market these days each providing a new and unique way of surfing the web. Some provide different features that aren’t available in other browsers. A user who is a regular web browser may have noticed that some of the webpages open more efficiently or lets say more faster and the viewing experience is much smoother in one … [Read more...]

Guide To Upgrade Your RAM

Upgrade RAM

Everybody must have faced the situation of the entire system slowing down when opening any heavy application or opening way too many browsing tabs in Firefox or Internet Explorer. Well the slowing down occurs due to insufficient RAM which is needed for keeping the files for faster access when the windows is running. When RAM capacity is exceeded, windows starts … [Read more...]