How to Enjoy Safe Web Browsing with WOT

Safe Web Browsing WOT

There are so many websites these days that it becomes difficult to tell whether its bad for you to visit or not. Even some of the websites skip the protection of our antivirus or the protection offered by the Google services in screening malware websites. Well now you can enjoy safer browsing with the help of WOT (web of trust). You can now surf and enjoy browsing … [Read more...]

How to Keep the Anti-Virus from Slowing down your PC

Anti Virus

Internet is full of viruses and as such we need a good anti-virus installed in our PC that will prevent virus infection and also protect our files from being destroyed. The anti-virus also should enable us safe web browsing. All this functions come at a price, our PC gets slowed down whenever we try to open any application or there are multiple windows open. This … [Read more...]

How to Make Keyword Shortcuts in Chrome

Keyword Shortcut Chrome

When browsing in chrome sometimes we come across some links or texts that we can make or use as keywords. Just to use those keywords we select it and then right click to copy it and then paste it to the place we want to use and sometimes other process are also associated with it which sometimes tend to be more hassle then it’s worth it. A regular user of Google … [Read more...]

Guide to Building Your Own Computer part 3

Building Computer

In the previous guide we have covered the importance of owning a good graphic card if you really need one. Also selecting good hard drives is very important for getting a smooth performance from your PC. Well now the remaining parts in the guide to building your own computer will be covered which are very important but we hardly pay attention to. 1.  Which … [Read more...]

Guide to Building Your Own Computer Part 2

Building Desktop Computer

In the previous guide we have covered on your budget and the three important components: Processor Motherboard RAM Now we move onto the other important topics. 1.  Choosing a good graphics card: Before we start about how to choose a good graphic card then let me point it out that If you’re a person who just does some word processing and read email … [Read more...]

Guide to Building Your Own Computer Part 1

Build Own Computer

Building your own system can be easily done. It doesn’t always require a geek to choose the component and connect them. It always comes down to what you need and how much you’re able to shell out for your own dream computer. Majority of people would say that it’s much better to get a PC which already made and available in the market take for example DELL which offers … [Read more...]

How to Access Your Entire Media Collection From Anywhere


If you’re having a large collection that your IPOD isn’t enough to accommodate then it becomes a necessity to access your media remotely. Not only your IPOD even on your tablets or laptops sometimes we just can’t carry our entire media database with us. There is an application called ZumoCastwhich will allow you to access your media library from anywhere. More … [Read more...]

How to Track Google AdSense Clicks Via Google Analytics With Free AdSense Tracker

Google AdSense Analytics

Google analytics is a free service that will let you track the various statistics related to your websites very easily. One of the most important areas of revenue for your website is through the adsense. By placing strategically placed ads throughout your websites you can make sure that some of them are clicked. But to get more knowledge on which section of your … [Read more...]

How To Play Long Distance LAN Games Over Internet

LogMeIn Hamachi

Right now you must be having fun playing a game but then your friend comes online who is also having fun playing the same game but then you wonder wouldn’t it be more interesting to play this game together and completing this game on a co-op play. But to play with your friend either you need to register with steam for multiplayer or some other multiplayer option but … [Read more...]

Tips On Solving Errors With Temporary Internet Files

Temporary Internet Files Error

Whenever we are browsing the internet and looking at web sites or streaming any video live whether it’s on YouTube or any other video streaming site those files are being saved on our hard disk as temporary internet files. Even all texts, images and other website contents get stored. Sometimes while browsing we are presented with the error message “parameter is … [Read more...]