A Nexus Tablet From Google To Slay The Kindle Fire? Hold On Folks

Google Nexus Tablet

The blazing news on the web is regarding Google’s very own Nexus tablet based on the Android platform. But the latest twist in the story goes something like this: This rumored Nexus tablet will not be launched to annihilate the iPad but will rather be positioned against the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s popular tablet. The device is likely to come with a price tag lower than … [Read more...]

4 Useful Windows 7 Registry Hacks

Windows 7 Registry Hacks

Sometimes there are certain features of the windows which are annoying or they are just simply useless. There is no way to remove them unless you dig deeper into the windows settings and modify them. In this article we will look at some of the best registry hacking tips that will allow you to modify your windows to your liking. 1.  Removing Programs From … [Read more...]

4 Tips With Which You Can Improve Windows Through Editing Registry

Improve Windows Performance Using Registry

Improving your Windows PC through registry hacks is the safest and easiest way to do. To follow the tips give here, you should find and run the regedit.exe in your PC. You can easily access the Registry Editor by searching regedit.exe in the search box of your Start Menu and clicking on regedit.exe. If you wish to add its shortcut to the desktop or in a folder of your … [Read more...]

5 Tips That Will Make Firefox Browsing Very Easy

Mozilla Firefox Tips

In our last article we mentioned 5 tips that will give a whole new different meaning to browsing with Firefox. The tips make it easier for you to browse the internet and also let’s use shortcuts to manage your tabs. In this article we will present you with some more Firefox browsing tips that will make browsing with Firefox fun and very easy. 1. Opening … [Read more...]

5 Firefox Tips That Will Enhance Your Browsing

Firefox Tips

Most people these days use Firefox for browsing and the performance for Firefox is very good as compared with other browser. This article will provide you with some tips that will allow you to enjoy safe and secure browsing with Firefox. To employ some of the tips you may need to download some extension of Firefox and set up but this will be worth it as it will … [Read more...]

How To Install Chrome OS In Windows PC

Install Chrome On Windows

Google have released the Chrome OS which is designed mainly for netbooks and aims at making your entire PC experience cloud based with all your data and settings being stored in the cloud. Every time you log in with your credentials your settings and files are available to you no matter which machine you are using. So with this much hype about Chrome OS you must be … [Read more...]

How To Mount Hard Drive As A Folder In Windows

Mount Hard Drive As Windows Folder

Having one or more hard disk is always beneficial as you get more storage space for your data and also you are able to make more backups. But having more than two or hard drives can become messy and also sometimes you may confuse where you have stored your data. With this guide you will be able to avoid the confusion problem and also keep you’re my computer area … [Read more...]

How To Create Software RAID Array

Software RAID Array Windows

Most of the users out there have come across the word RAID but most of the time we do not know what RAID means and what it is. Well RAID is the process by which you can use multiple discs as one storage hard disks. This process makes it easier for you to use your spare disks as one massive hard drive or you can use it as disks for making backups. In this article … [Read more...]

How To Launch Multiple Application In Windows 7

Launch Multiple Programs

Majority of the time we have more than one applications on which we have to work daily. Once we boot into the windows we would like to launch those apps simultaneously instead of launching them one by one. You must also have suffered the same fate of launching your favorite apps one by one. So we have prepared this guide which will help you to launch all your … [Read more...]

How To Repair Your Windows 7 Boot Loader Problems

Repair Windows 7 Bootloader

Occasionally when installing certain programs and such we get errors in the boot loader and as a result windows is unable to boot. There are many ways to fix the boot loader programs. Automated ways are also available but most of the time the automatic repair system doesn’t work or is unable to detect a restore point that will help you to restore the boot … [Read more...]