7 Best Features Of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 consumer preview has revolutionized the way we look and work with windows. Microsoft has made sure to integrate windows to everything in our life so that now we can always stay in sync with all our daily activities. Windows 8 consumer preview hosts many new features that make using windows more fun and lively. So in this guide we will take a look at … [Read more...]

Tricks And Tips For Windows 8 That Will Make It Very Easy To Use

Windows 8  Tips And Tricks

Windows 8 consumer preview was highly anticipated by majority windows user worldwide. After the consumer preview was made publicly available for testing it crossed 1 million downloads since last Wednesday. It doesn’t matter whether you upgrade your windows 7 to windows 8 or you dual boot you will immediately notice new features and changes in windows 8 which makes … [Read more...]

5 Tips On How To Disable Metro UI In Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Disable Metro Windows 8

Windows 8 is a revolutionary in the desktop world which offers many new enhancements that is not present in windows 7. Microsoft also has redesigned the entire desktop of windows 8 into metro UI which is also available in the windows phone 7. Although the Metro UI in windows 8 makes it easier to use the windows there are people who might not be so comfortable with … [Read more...]

How To Use Ubuntu Live CD To Reset Or Change Windows Password

Ubuntu Live CD

There are times when you forgot the password to your windows or you have received a computer which has password locked windows. Don’t worry you can access the windows without the need for format and reinstall. There are various methods in changing or resetting the windows password but in this guide we will be telling you how to use the Ubuntu Live CD to achieve … [Read more...]

How To Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Dual Boot Windows 8

With the release of the Windows 8 consumer preview many of the users out there are very eager to try out the new windows and see what it has to offer and what major changes have been made since the introduction of windows 7. As you know the windows 8 consumer preview is available for download from the Microsoft website in the form of ISO image. Many of the users … [Read more...]

How To Listen to Pandora Radio Without Using A Proxy

Listen To Pandora

In US Pandora radio is the most famous online radio station that features an innovative music discovery service. Pandora is accessed by thousands of people daily for their music needs. The Pandora radio service is a free service but you get to hear ads in between the songs. You can also opt for a premium service that provides much better sound quality along with no … [Read more...]

How To Create Resource Page On Your Blog

Resource page On Blog

Do you want a reason because of which you want readers to keep coming to your blog? Then you should create a resource page that will provide a well-organized source of information on similar topics that you have posted on your blog. This will enable the visitor to quickly the access the information that he/she has been looking for. Having a resource page on your … [Read more...]

How To Set Up Static DHCP On Your Router

Setup Static DHCP On Router

Enabling static DHCP in your home network is very beneficial because it becomes easier for port forwarding and also you can access your computer on the network from anywhere. DHCP will also help you to set up your home network easily. This guide will help you to configure a static DHCP on any router if you follow the instructions. This guide is primarily … [Read more...]

5 Things That You Should Do Before And After Reinstalling Windows

Reinstall Windows

There are many reasons for which you have to reinstall your windows such as some virus that is disabling your windows or upgrading your computer from a failing hard disk. If you are using windows vista or windows 7 you might be less prone to getting some OS issues but never the less there are times when you need to reinstall you windows. We have prepared a … [Read more...]

DO’s And DONTs Of Backing Up Your PC

Backup PC

You must have read many different kinds of guides and tips in the internet and majority do tell you to create a backup of your files and settings. Also you hear from your friends and colleagues that you need to have a backup of all your files in your computer and that it’s important. But when you come to actually backing up you have so much data it’s impossible to … [Read more...]