Quantum Bits and 3D Transistors: The Changing Face of Modern Computing

Modern Computing

One-thousand years ago, did people imagine the ability to fly?  500 years ago, did people imagine a world where those in separate continents could communicate in real time?  Today, can you imagine what technology has in store for the immediate and long--term future? Imagine a measure of a millionth of a meter.  That's the size of modern-day transistors inserted on … [Read more...]

Incredible Navigation Apps from Windows Phone

navigation apps windows phone

Windows Phone is from the family of Microsoft which is the assistance for mobile operating system. It was first launched on October 2010 and released in Asia in early 2011. The device features a user interface that is based on design system of Microsoft's phone design system. The start screen is built with Live Tiles that is dynamic and updated in real time. It is … [Read more...]