3 Good Habits to Have as a Blogger

Good Habits

Any person who passed grade school can write and communicate a message.  Business people use communication skills online, offering goods and services associated to a company brand.  Bloggers, while electing to keep enterprises personal or commercial, need to facilitate good online habits, compelling readers to visit their online real estate more often. Just as … [Read more...]

Cool prizes available at Bitdefender’s Get Your PhotOn contest

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2014

It won’t come as a surprise if somebody comes and says that it was a lot easier to handle data in the past than it is to today.And who can blame them for forming such an observation? Data is becoming more and more vulnerable as the world is progressing. Fortunately, this can also be said without any doubt that the measures being taken to protect your data now are a … [Read more...]

What is the future of the digital office?

Future of Digital office

The rise of technology has been unstoppable in recent years. In just a few decades the computer has gone from being a massive room filled with huge machines whirring magnetic tape, to small devices which we can carry around in our pockets. Image Source: officedesigngallery.com 1980 and beyond Anyone who experienced the rise of the 'Yuppie' in Thatcher's … [Read more...]