How to Upload Photos from a Mobile Phone to your Facebook Album


Uploading photos directly from your mobile phone to any of your available album on your Facebook account is vital nowadays especially when you are a type of person who is so fond of doing such deed. However, uploading photos from mobile phone is not that informed on most people, that they managed to stick with the typical USB cord connected to the machine or, removing … [Read more...]

How To Type The New Indian Rupee Symbol in MS Word

indian rupee

If you live in India, using the India Rupee symbol is very necessary in declaring amounts on your document. However, Microsoft managed to just include the $ sign on the keyboard making it difficult for an Indian-based writer to declare amounts in Rupee. With this, Microsoft decided to finally include the Rupee symbol to the Unicode standard. However, you need to be … [Read more...]

How to Turn Twitter into a Gmail Notifier

twitte gmail

If you are an avid Twitter user, being notified that you have a Gmail message through Twitter is helpful. It saves a lot of your time and you do not have to open a new tab just to type in the Gmail address again just to check if there’s an email message. Actually, this tutorial can be done in just 5 minutes of course depending on the speed of your computer and … [Read more...]

How to Try Linux on your Windows Computer


Linux is now known to be a pleasing operating system because of its simplicity and convenience in using it. Well, as a current Windows XP user, it is advisable for you to try out Linux or better known as Ubuntu on your machine. This tutorial will teach you how to make it possible that you can run Ubuntu on your machine without the needs of installing the whole … [Read more...]

How to Track Your Favorite Pages on Facebook

liking facebook

Facebook has been found as the most popular social networking site. Almost every month, new updates are taken to satisfy the changing demands by the users. Also, Facebook is now used as one of the prime ways to cater services thru their free service Facebook pages. W For a business, having the Facebook page can allow them to interact easily with those of the people … [Read more...]

How To Start Your Own Blog And Make Money?


Blogging has taken off in a big manner only in the last decade or so. Before that most people blogged for mostly personal reasons only. However, blogs started to become far more than just personal web logs around the time commercialization hit the internet. People no longer blogged just about themselves. You had blogs about possibly every conceivable topic. Companies … [Read more...]

How to Shutdown Windows Faster With Simple Tricks – Speed Up Windows Shutdown

shorter timeout

If you are a person who is always in a hurry, you might consider looking for ways to shutdown your computer faster. Well, this may look nonsense for you but this is actually a helpful way to lessen your time in waiting for your computer to finally end its power. Actually, there are several ways for you to succeed with this. However, since most of the steps will alter … [Read more...]

How To Create Unique Vibration Alert In Android With Vybe


Most of the time we use unique form of ringtones to differentiate between different contacts when they either call or send you an SMS. But sometimes you are busy in a meeting or in a crowded place where you can’t hear your ringtone or in office where ringtones are not allowed. In such cases your phone is in silent mode with the vibration alert turned on which makes … [Read more...]

How To Assign A Static IP Address On A Windows 7 Machine

static ip 2

Keeping track of all the computers on your network through IP address is a pain especially when you have DHCP enabled. Every time a new computer connects to your network it is assigned a new IP address but with DHCP enabled each time the same computer connects it is assigned a new IP address. If you are managing a home network or managing a local game server then … [Read more...]