Transferring Apps & Files between Android Phones Using Wi-Fi


Chances are pretty good that if you and your friends happen to own Android phones, transferring of files and other data between them would be an everyday affair. By files, the reference is to all types of photos, videos and music. These are among the most commonly shared items between phones world over. While Bluetooth does the job well when a small sized single file … [Read more...]

Microsoft Security Essentials Review


The demand for good AV products has seen a sharp rise over the years and that has much to do with the fact that more people than ever are using the internet for professional and personal purposes. Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee are among those with a foothold in this industry. However, all those brands provide paid options only. If you are on the lookout for an AV option … [Read more...]

Can I Pay Your Tab?

Can I Pay Your Tab

The phrase heard over and over is that you want your business to be "forward thinking." But what does that really mean? The paradigm in business seems to have moved from a focus on the product to a focus on the customer. It is important that your business learn how to connect with their target population and to demonstrate to them the effect of your service or product … [Read more...]

Basic Things to Know About Linux and Java


OpenJDK (Open Java Development Kit) is a kit which is used to implement Java language on operating system and various softwares written in java applications or web services that need it. OpenJDK operating system comes installed in Ubuntu but the way it is implemented and how it works leaves much to be desired. As an alternative we have available OpenJDK Sun Java (JRE) … [Read more...]

Upgrading to the Latest Windows OS


If you are one of those in quest of the latest version of windows and willing to install it, then you are in the right place to get a bit of guide. There are three options for obtaining the latest Windows OS, the Windows 8.  You can purchase it on a CD, download it to an external media, such as a USB drive, or download it directly to your computer, for an immediate … [Read more...]

How to Install Video Drivers on Windows 7?

windows 7_3

If you have installed Windows 7 and your screen resolution is not right, or video is otherwise not working or the upgrade software has failed to detect and download drivers for your machine's video card, then you are here to get a solution out. The fix should be fairly easy and you should follow these simple steps: Open your device manager from the Start … [Read more...]

Handy Applications for the Ubuntu OS


There are thousands of applications at the Ubuntu Software Center and elsewhere on the Web.  Whether you want games, productivity software, multimedia tools, graphics editors or just things to make the usage of the computer easier and more flexible, you can find them here.  This article will review a few of your viable options. Media Management VLC Media Player … [Read more...]

Get Your Apple iPod Playlist on iTunes


Are you looking for ways of synchronizing the whole of music playlist from your Apple iPod to iTunes? If yes, then you landed in the right place. There are several ways to sync an iPod with iTunes.  You can choose settings to automatically sync any song, or other media files to your iPod anytime it is connected to the computer while iTunes is open. Or you can manually … [Read more...]

Software, Make Your Work Easy! Choose Them Get Free


Increasing scope of jobs: There was a time when everybody was involved in small business or shop and much people were not in jobs. These days the scenario has completely changed and most of the people are in jobs. In this era cut throat competition is there in each and every field. Even in the jobs too. Now it’s not possible to compete with the big market tycoons … [Read more...]

Next generation Nexus 7 is going to favor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro


There have been recent reports where Asus and Google are pairing up in order to launch the next generation Nexus 7 that is synonymous in displaying full-HD display. Furthermore, Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is going to support Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chip and not Nvidia’s Tegra 4 SoC. The reason why it is going with Qualcomm is because of the fact that it is giving a … [Read more...]