Work is Made Easier by these 3 Lesser Known Google Tools


While Gmail, Docs, Drive, Analytics and even Maps count themselves among the Google tools used widely by businesses and other workplaces, the Mountain View giant also has some other aces up its sleeve. Below is a brief overview of three such lesser known but acclaimed Google tools. GoMo Ours is an age of smartphones. Every application created in the world today … [Read more...]

Encrypting Important Documents and Mails

data protection

The lives of human beings are more intertwined than ever with the web, which means we tend to use the medium to store and share a lot of our important information. As with anything that concerns the web, this information too is not completely secured against theft, hacking or malware. The best bet here lies in adopting encryption for all your documents, photos and … [Read more...]

A Simple Way of Recording Calls on Your Smartphone


Whether you are trying to nail that customer care executive about an offer which was first made and then retracted dishonestly or want to prove that your partner tends to forget plans made beforehand on phone, the need to record voice calls is felt by all of us at different moments in our professional or personal lives. Fortunately, the task is a lot easier with … [Read more...]

Not Sure About Switching to Windows 8? Try Dual Booting


Windows 8 is a massive departure from Windows 7. For many people, the change from 7 to 8 appears more drastic than the change from Vista to 7, which itself was quite huge. If you are among those still not convinced about Windows 8 but nevertheless want to try it out, dual booting is an excellent option. Dual booting Windows 8 along with your existing operating system … [Read more...]

Add to Your Business Productivity with these 3 Google Tools


Apart from its ultra-ubiquitous search engine, Google also offers users a host of other productivity enhancing tools. Small and independent businesses are most well placed to incorporate the use of these tools for making their processes more efficient both time and money-wise. Featured here are three such tools from Google that any business will greatly benefit … [Read more...]

Review:Google Nexus 7

Nexus 7

After being tired of the iPad I planned to get some other tablet. I got to know about Google Nexus 7 when Google announced about it. Google Nexus 7 is its own brand of tablet. The Nexus 7 is the stunning tablet with 7 – inch display, longer battery life, more storage and also the mobile data so that you are connected.Nexus 7 is an amazing travel companion. With the … [Read more...]

Review: Apple MacBook Pro Newest Version

New Version Macbook pro

The newest version of the Apple MacBook Pro is cooler than the previous version. This latest version features the Intel’s third generation which includes core i5. It has the speed of 2.5 GHz and it can be increased up to 3.1 GHz according to the workload. This is possible due to the Intel Turbo Boost Technology which has been updated. When I bought it I was … [Read more...]

Review: VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV

VIZIO Class Razor LED

VIZIO Class Razor LED Smart TV is undoubtedly the best TV I have ever seen. When I came to know about this TV I had been waiting desperately for its release the reason may be was its incredible low price. I purchased this TV few weeks ago and got startled by the big Smart LED TV with the design that is of extremely high quality and the best value picture. The Slim … [Read more...]

3 Google Tools that Any Business Must Know About


Google has penetrated our daily lives to such an extent that we tend to overlook many of its lesser known products that are released and updated from time to time. Yes, there is a whole lot more to Google tools apart from the usual Docs, Analytics etc. This article covers three such less popular Google tools that have enough features and potential to boost your … [Read more...]

Two Ways to Help You Maximize the Battery Life of Your Portable Gadget


Ever since the advent of gadgets like multi-core processor equipped phones or tablets and media players with huge screen sizes, the problem of inadequate battery life has always reared its ugly head. Most of these phones or tablets would not last through more than 8-10 hours of prolonged usage, which can be quite a problem, especially when you are … [Read more...]