Selling Digital Products Vs. Selling Electronics Online

Selling Digital Products Vs Selling Electronics Online

The benefits of an Internet based business cannot be compared to a conventional business. Regardless of which aspect you consider, an online business not only requires small capital investments, but also has a potential to give great returns. Furthermore, when you add the facet of convenience and comfort for the business owner, the online businesses win hands down … [Read more...]

Time To Ditch The Print Classifieds And Make Way For The Digital Age

Online Ads

I still remember distinctly when my father would get this newspaper which was all about advertisements of buying and selling and renting and advertising classes and tuition's etc. It was like a 100 page newspaper with tiny font. Thanks to the digital age and new developments we don’t need to put ourselves through that anymore. With everything available online life … [Read more...]

PS4: Sony’s Most Powerful Gaming Platform Announced


Video game can be defined as electronic game which involves interaction of human with user interface and generate on a video device visual feedback. Life of today’s generation is plugged in video games and has made it ‘generation gamer.’ Most of the free time is spend in playing video games. Video games have become an integrated part of not only children but also … [Read more...]

Make Location Tagging on Your Photos Easy with Photoshop Elements

Face tagging on Facebook through Organizer in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Quite a few digital cameras these days have a GPS built into them. This allows the user to have his or her photos automatically tagged for later use. That certainly sounds a lot easier than manually trying to tag the locations in every photo in your collection. But what about tagging photos that were snapped using non-GPS featuring cameras? That is exactly the task … [Read more...]

Using Photoshop Elements to Tag People in Your Photo Collection


One of the disadvantages of having a large photo collection is that it becomes virtually impossible to find and tag people in all the different photos. If you wish there was a program that could do the task for you, then you would be glad to know more about Photoshop Elements. Once you have consolidated your collection of photos into a single operable database using … [Read more...]

Amazing Dropbox Apps You should Know about


Now that Dropbox has been around for a while, a number of apps have been developed to make it easier to share or sync files with it.  New ones are being created all the time and if you have a particular need, you can check around. However, enlisted below are some amazing apps that can surely enhance your review for the Dropbox. DropItToMe DropItToMe allows the … [Read more...]

5 Ways of Installing Linux on Windows


There are different alternative methods of installing Linux on Windows depending on individual preference and skills. Basically speaking, the following are 5 most common techniques by which you can install Linux on your system. Super Easy This method of Linux installation on Windows is applicable with Wubi installer. Obviously, Wubi is one of the Windows … [Read more...]

How to Deal with Duplicate Photos on Your Hard Drive


The problem of duplicate files is a common one across every computer. Duplicate files also tend to plague storage media like flash drives and external hard drives. However, the challenge posed by duplicate photos is the most difficult. This often happens as there is very little that separates two identical looking photographs. You can very well blame this on digital … [Read more...]

Consolidate Your Picture Collection Using Photoshop Elements

imgadobe photoshop elements 64

The arrival of digital photo technology made the entire task a lot easier for the masses. However, there was now a new irritant that people had to deal with in the form of managing an ever-increasing picture collection. It is a given that not every picture in your computer’s library is top-notch. But at the same time, it is also likely that you have some very … [Read more...]

How to Encrypt Using TrueCrypt


Encryption ensures the protection of data even if it falls into the wrong hands. Encryption is also advised when you are not sure about your information’s security when it travels from one point to another. While there are many good paid encryption programs out there, free alternatives are rare. TrueCrypt is one of the best encryption applications that is open source … [Read more...]