How To Opt Out Facebook’s Online And Offline Tracking


Many people don’t bother about their privacy online, but it’s a significant aspect because nobody knows who would take your writings, or who may be using (rather misusing) your photos, or other things that you have enjoyably posted in Facebook sometime. Protecting your online data seems an arduous effort, but it is certainly worth the effort. In a recent … [Read more...]

iPad Mini Pricey, But Perfectly Sized Tablet. Isn’t?

apple ipad mini

Do you agree Apple's iPad Mini is a perfect sized tablet? To me it seems to be a big YES. Oh yes, but at a price of course. Almost of same landscape the other brands are cheaper, if not much then a little bit for sure. Well, a remarkably thinner and lighter iPad Mini should come with a price, and obviously when it is from the house of iPhone, iPod, iMac makers. The … [Read more...]

Isn’t Google’s Best Gadget Now In Three Sizes? Yup! Nexus

nexus gadgets of  google

These days it is very common people are having more than one device. More to this, it is also becoming common switching from one device to another and to further another. It can be many. I must say Google has done some fine tuning to this habit of today's mankind. It has streamlined its hardware line for Android devices to help you get rid of all the hassles, if … [Read more...]

Review: Google’s Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS

google android 4.2 jelly bean os

What you guessed? Not Jelly Bean for sure. Google calls it again a Jelly Bean. The Web giant launched its much awaited Android 4.2 operating system update and calls it Jelly Bean. Yes. Well, the naming goes similar to Android 4.1 but not the features of course. Some new exciting features have been introduced in it and few have been now much improved. What it is? … [Read more...]

How To browse Instagram On iPad


Did you know a third party app can allow you to use your iPad as an Instagram viewer? Nope! Here is Pictacular, a free iPad app, a little buggy but presents a number of exciting features to let you browse your Instagram feed I must say. Instagram for instance, does not allow you to post photos with a third part app, but there are apps that let you browse your … [Read more...]

Apps To Discover Ruses Of Unworthy Lovers

love hate app

Imaginations of app developers run riot! Before a thought comes to your mind, you see things somewhere in some developer’s mind already have developed as a scion. We see developers are altruists who want simply us to be happy – even if it is so far all-pervading to personal affairs of others. The fidelity factor, no matter what type of vow you take in front of … [Read more...]

Oh! Now Date, Time Bug. iPhone 5 Owners Complain

iphone 5 date time issue

It seems the iconic iPhone 5 has still many things to improvise. The Verizon subscribers have another problem to add on, tolling on Apple discussion forum, consumers complain about the wrong date and time keep appearing in their phone. So far, the problem is specifically noted in Verizon Wireless, as most of the complaints come from Verizon subscribers. Yes, only from … [Read more...]

DARPA Video Shows Next Step In Robotics

DARPA robot

We couple of weeks ago we did a piece reviewing the future of robots in warfare. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is at the forefront of sponsoring the development of war robots, so called warbots. The agency has already premiered a donkey like robot which walks on all fours. The robot has been speculated to be a candidate to carry heavy loads for … [Read more...]

Hydrogen Fueled Cars – Future or Fantasy?

Fuel Cell Car

We recently took a look at several potential sources for alternative energy. In our Clean Energy series we looked at the Bloom Box, biofuels, solar, and wind power – all while attempting to determine which power is best poised to be the next big thing. One of the most difficult challenges facing the next big energy source is that it will probably have to be versatile. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Stock Market Investors

Android apps for stock market investors

Being an Android user enables you to be very flexible on professional and casual tasks. Since there are a growing number of professionals who have chosen Android as their mobile app provider and OS, a lot of application developers offered some of the best Android apps for stock market investors. The list below contains official Android apps offered by Google … [Read more...]