Best Games For The New iPhone 5

BeautifulGraphicsCrystal_on iphone 5

If you have already got your hands on the new iPhone 5, you must have noticed that not all the apps and games take advantage of the iPhone 5's wider screen and better graphics. Although the updates for the new iPhone have been coming quite fast, but still there are a host of applications and games that show black spaces on either side the moment they are switched on … [Read more...]

The Future Of Clean Energy – Solar To The Rescue?


We have been taking a look at the future of alternative energy. It seems like in the years leading up to 2008 the talk of the town was renewable energy, clean energy, and going green. After the financial collapse of the world economy in 2008, people seemed to begin to be more concerned with where dinner would come from. Suddenly the future of alternative energies … [Read more...]

How To Make/Receive Calls In Nexus 7 Using Google Voice

Google Voice Nexus 7

Before starting this quick tutorial, let's have a brief sharing of information with regards to the "real background of Nexus 7. This is NOT a smart phone more a tablet PC which can be used to call another user. It is a plain tablet PC which just allows you to browse online and be reachable through social networking sites. However, many people are still hoping that … [Read more...]

How to Make Phone Calls from your iPad

Phone Calls From iPad

iPad is considered as one of the most popular gadgets nowadays. It is a mini computer with full touch screen capabilities. Because of this, it is perfect for games which allow you to interact almost directly to the console or game character. Recommended: How To Make/Receive Calls In Nexus 7 Using Google Voice Also, if you will look closely to an iPad, it seems … [Read more...]

Imminent Games Releases Drip Drip For PC and Mac Version


Imminent Games has announced to release its casual strategy game 'Drip Drip for the PC and Mac Versions, and will be available for purchase at Desura on October 2, 2012. The strategy lovers can enjoy the game, as it gives a classic 2D feel with RTS inspired point and click controls. The storyline tells about a devastating storm in the cities of the US that crumbles … [Read more...]

Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 3/3)

iphone 5 review and verdict

This is the third and final part of our verdict and full review of Apple's iPhone 5. In the first two parts we discussed about why iPhone 5 differ from iPhone 4S, about the look of the device, the screen talk of course as it has become taller now, and something about the 4G LTE network support. In this part we will only discuss about the camera of iPhone 5 as it has … [Read more...]

Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 2/3)

iphone 5 screen

In our last part of the iPhone 5 full review we were discussing about the screen of it. It remained incomplete there. Before that we discussed about how iPhone 5 differ from the iPhone 4S and also something noticeable about the look of the new-generation Apple's iPhone. If you have missed out the first part, you can check it from the below link: Verdict – Apple’s … [Read more...]

How to Monitor a Computer Remotely with Dropbox

Monitor Computer With Dropbox

Monitoring the activities on your desktop or laptop even if your atre in a remote place is important especially if you have serveral reasons for it. Actually, there is a website which is now used conveniently to monitor your desktop or laptop even if you are away from it. It is called the DropBox. Once of the reasons you may have is that you want to monitor the … [Read more...]

Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 1/3)

iphone 5 and iphone 4s

We may be late in publishing a review on Apple's iPhone 5, but the late is worth as it is the full review of Apple's just released smartphone. You will come across our verdict at the end of the post as before that let me write in full what you, or rather we all, are getting in the iPhone 5, and how those features and specifications are performing. Before I start … [Read more...]

The Future Of Clean Energy – Wind Power

Wind Blimp

In our continuing look at the future of next-generation power sources, we will turn to wind power. In general wind power refers to the use of wind power for energy – and this definition covers all kinds of uses from windmills converting wind power to electricity, to using sails to power ships. The history of wind power, in this sense, goes back thousands of years. … [Read more...]