Dwm.exe: What Is It And How To Disable It

Dwm.exe Error

Using Windows 7 will help you to encounter great graphics and visuals using some of its advanced options. However, accelerated visual effects on each tabs opened may eat up huge amount of memory because of the running processes used by it. Once of the processes that may be involved with those advanced display settings with Windows 7 is the dwm.exe. This is one of … [Read more...]

Download Free Books For Your Amazon Kindle

Download Free Kindle Books

Amazon Kindle is the known most convenient gadget in reading eBooks. Actually, Kindle exclusively accesses all the Amazon-exclusive eBooks making it a very powerful gadget. However, buying eBooks from Amazon may not be an advisable idea if you are going to do this always. Actually, there are lots of websites which may offer you free eBooks. With this, it is always … [Read more...]

Safari 6 Available for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion With Brand New Features

Safari 6

After the arrival of OS X Mountain Lion, many users have been found upgrading to the latest version of Mac OS X and they are surely enjoying the completely new features at this moment. Improvements are seen in the software like iLife, iWork, Aperture, iTunes etc. Apple's own web browser, Safari, is no far. Just yesterday, we found an update for Safari Browser. It's … [Read more...]

OS X Mountain Lion Detailed: Key Developments and How to Install

OS X Mountain Lion

Apple announced the much-anticipated last wild cat version in your OS collection: OS X Mountain Lion, which will bring several new features. We can now upgrade our Macs to the latest version of Apple's operating system, and to do so, we have prepared a guide with everything you need to know to do this quick and easy. First things First Not all Macs will be able to … [Read more...]

Google’s Nexus 7 Reported To Have Screen Separation Problem

Nexus 7 Screen Separation Problem

Google's just released tablet Asus Nexus 7 is reported by several tech sites that few users are facing screen separation problem. For most of the users the issue may not be big but of course perfection is what to be counted from a Web giant and a big laptop and tablet maker like Asus. According to a tech site the issue may be occurring due to the screws on … [Read more...]

Google Wallet Now Gets Support On Google Nexus 7

Google Wallet Nexus 7

On the Google Plus page of Google Wallet the team disclosed today their service is now also available on the newly released Google Nexus 7 tablet. The Google Wallet team said it will work perfect on Android 4.1.1 update and it is good news that all the Nexus 7 is tablet is being released with this Android 4.1.1 software update. The team writes on the social … [Read more...]

5 Best Alternatives to MacKeeper


It may be that Apple computers are less prone to errors than computers with Windows. However, there are a few. And for the ordinary user, it may be a little more complicated to solve issues of their MAC.  Although Mac OS X is not too likely to have problems and remains an operating system that suits us, yet it never hurts to have utility software that can help keep … [Read more...]

How to Launch Chrome Apps Directly from the Toolbar

AppJump for Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the newer browsers in the market. For some months, it have been the number one browser in terms of use, having overtaken Mozilla Firefox and giving a superb competition to Internet Explorer. A part of credit for such success goes to the extensions and applications available for the Chrome Browser. The noble idea of extensions was popularized … [Read more...]

Try the New Interface of Firefox OS on Your Computer


Mozilla introduced its mobile operating system based on web standard officially known as Firefox OS. We formerly know it as Boot to Gecko and it’s for sure that the name isn’t good for marketing. Telefonica was the first to show a prototype where you could see the interface, but honestly I did not like it. It was simple and square at the end but it’s quite … [Read more...]

What Is wmpnscfg.exe and wmpnetwk.exe And How To Disable These Media Sharing Processes

wmpnscfg.exe and wmpnetwk

Seeing processes on the background can look quite irritating especially when you are aware that it is no use with the programs you usually operate. For this, reviewing more than 30 running default processes on the background can be a broad topic to tackle and disabling some of the useless processes can be helpful not just for you but for your RAM as well. Some of … [Read more...]