How To Configure The Firewall That Is Built In Ubuntu

Ubuntu Firewall Configuration

Firewall is an important application that must be installed on your PC because it saves you from various types of malicious attacks and if you also have antivirus installed then both of them make sure that your PC is free of malicious contents. You can install third party firewall in your Ubuntu but Ubuntu has got its own built in firewall which provides adequate … [Read more...]

How To Save Images On iPad?

Save Images On iPad

If you bought the Apple's iPad recently or if you are still not aware of all the functions of iPad, you might be wondering how to save images from web pages or from email to the iPad. When I've first used the iPad, I couldn't figure out the way to save images. But after some little bit research I have found out the way and i'm sharing it here with all of … [Read more...]

Google Nexus Tablet – Is It Really Round the Corner?

Google Nexus Tablet

Rumors spread fast. And when it comes to Google products, the gadget enthusiasts are always waiting. Rumors have spread that the Nexus tablet manufactured by ASUS will be launched in July. A number of websites with some speculative images of the expected tablet have popped up with its description. However, is Google Nexus Tablet really round the corner? Google Nexus … [Read more...]

How To Customize Wallpaper With Google Image Search And RSS Feeds

Customize Windows Wallpaper

Having a bright and vibrantwallpaper can help alleviate your mood and sometimes having the same wallpaper day after day becomes boring. Sometimes you also prefer to have a nice scenery right on your desktop which will help to brighten your mood. But not always can you get the wallpaper of your choice and sometimes you also avoid searching for new wallpaper because … [Read more...]

Keyboard Shortcuts That Works In All Browsers

Browsers Keyboard Shortcuts

You might be having a favorite browser that you always like to use maybe just because you feel it’s faster or you like the various extensions and its ability to theme. But it’s not always that you will be using your favorite browser in all PC or laptops. Sometimes you are using your friend’s computer for troubleshooting some problems or in the school or office … [Read more...]

How To Use Truecrypt – The Ultimate Encryption Guide

Using Truecrypt

If you are looking for a sure way to encrypt your computer then truecrypt is the ideal encrypting solution for all your drives in your PC that will help to protect your data and privacy. Truecrypt is an open source and free encrypting. Truecrypt will allow you on the fly encryption of the drives. This is a good feature because it’s a hassle for always encrypting … [Read more...]

How To Use KeePass To Securely Store Your Password


There must have been many instances when you had difficulty in generating a very secure password due to which you might have used a very easypassword for protecting your email or desktop. As a result of the weak password your account must have been hacked and your data messed with. Now you can use keepass to generate very strong long and tough to guess … [Read more...]

How To Hide Passwords In An Encrypted Drives

Hide Passwords

Encrypting your data and storing them is the best option to protect your sensitive data from other people. There are various kinds of encryption tools that allow you to encrypt your data and store so that it becomes difficult to break the encryption and access the data. We have a prepared aguide for you which will enable you to store all your passwords in a … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Windows 8 Is Better Than Previous Versions Of Windows

Windows 8

Well this year February Windows 8 consumer preview was released which took the windows world by storm as it brought many new features and also changed the way in which we use our windows. Windows 8 is nearly finished being developed and the last version called Release Preview will be made available to all the users in the First week of June before the final … [Read more...]

Google To Partner Samsung For Low-cost Nexus Tablet

Google Samsung Nexus Tablet

A war of low priced tablet has already begun. Google too wants to have a market share in this segment. It is lately rumored that the search giant has plans of unveiling an Android tablet for a price of $199, or even below this amount. Remember, Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is price tagged at the same price. There has been no official word from Google so far about … [Read more...]