10 Websites To Share Files Online Without Signing Up

As of now, internet has also been used to share files conveniently. This is a trend nowadays since most of companies nowadays make it sure that documents or other applications are immediately shared.

There are also some individuals who are fond of sharing programs or other applications in public. If you are a person who is like this, you can now enjoy some websites offering this kind of services without the needs of signing up for an account.

File Sharing Websites

Well, signing up for an account is really a waste of time especially when you see it so useless. Here is a list of websites which you can share files without the needs of signing up.

Websites To Share Files Online Without Creating An Account

1. 2shared.com is a website which is now very popular in sharing files. You can fastly upload files here for freely without signing up an account. Because you are not required to sign up an account, you need to make it sure that you will just upload a file with a size of 200MB. You can also do multiple uploads using this website.

2. Filedropper.com is another wonderful website which allows you to send and upload files without the needs of having an account. Actually, it allows you to upload and share files as big as 5GB. However, the uploaded file should be continually downloaded. It can be deleted from the database after 30 days of being stuck.

3. Wikisend.com is also an amazing website which allows you to store the uploaded file for 90 days. You should also take note that you can only upload a file with a maximum size of 100MB. The good thing about this site is that allows you to protect your uploaded files with password.

4. Zippyshare.com allows you to upload files up to the size of 200MB. You should be glad as it has no download limit. You can also store a lot of files there which is unlimited without the needs of registration. The file will only be deleted if not downloaded after 30 days.

5. Fileconvoy.com has a very limited storage which will only last up to 7 days. However, you can upload files up to 2000MB which is really huge.

6. Woofiles.com is also a recommended website which allows you to store file with a size of 1GB. You are always allowed to store files from your computer and also, you can allow others to upload your files by sending them a unique download URL or link.

7. Sendspace.com allows you to upload up to 300MB size of files. The uploaded files will be absolutely deleted after 30 days downloaded or not. If you are going to opt registering as a pro user, you can upload from 4 to 10GB files and you can save it for a lifetime.

8. Pipebytes.com is a new file sharing site and still on its beta stage. Because of this, you are allowed to store any file size. It promises privacy and security on your uploaded files.

9. Senduit.com also allows you to upload up to 100MB files in size. However, there is a short span of being saved which will just range from 30 minutes up to 1 week. The upload will only be accessed using the private address.

10. Badango.com allows you to upload files by registering or not. Offers typical size limits and going to its official site will be helpful for you to be more informed. Still, a much recommended site.

These are top websites we recommend for sharing files online. If you think that we have missed your favorite website which is worthy of mentioning here, then do let us know via the comments section below.

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