10 Top Android Apps for Boys

Android is known to provide the needs of most of its users. And with this, they managed to offer wide array of choices when it comes to apps. As of no, it offers thousands of apps and is categorized according to their uses.

This article will share you some of the known Android apps perfect for boys. Well, being a boy will never prevent you from enjoying Android. You have to check these Android apps out.

  1. How To Tie a Tie

    Well, it is true that men or even boys should know how to tie their own necktie. This very small yet very helpful Android app can show you 12 different types of necktie knots. It includes tutorials in tying a necktie. You can also get a tip in matching a particular type of knot to a particular type of collar.

  2. Mixology Drink Recipes

    Well, boys are really naturally drawn into liquor. It is part of your lifestyle as a man. However, it drinking liquor, there are some things in which you need to consider for you to enjoy it. You need to find the best recipes which you can pair with liquor perfectly. This app can also teach you some basic bartending techniques and even show you the location of a liquor seller.

  3. Omaha Steaks Steak Time

    Boys really love steaks. Well, as a man, you can try grilling your own steak without burning it or overcooking it. With the help of the Omaha Steaks Steak Time, you will be guided on the right duration of putting a particular type of steak into a grilling pan. With this, you will be rest assured that you will eat a perfectly grilled steak.

  4. Men’s Health Workouts

    This is an app perfect for men who are into bodybuilding. This app can offer you 20 of the world’s popular workouts garnered from the different workout magazines worldwide. Also, this can provide you helpful facts with regards to healthy diet and exercise. It can offer tutorials on how to accomplish a particular type of workout.

  5. US Army Survival Guide

    This is a very helpful app for boys who are fond of having outdoor adventures. Obviously, this offers different survival tips so that a person can survive even amidst of a remote jungle. You will be taught on how to put up a temporary shelter, easily catch a fish, and create a bon fire without the use of lighter or a match.

  6. UrbanDaddy

    This is an app which can help you to set up a date. This can easily plan your location in which both o the parties will have an easier time reaching the dating place. It will ask you your date, the location of the girl you want to date with, the time, and other useful information. With this app, dating will always be organized.

  7. 13 Virtues

    This is an amazing Android app which can help you to be a better man. The 13 Virtues are originally created by Benjamin Franklin. With this app, you can track down if you follow the 13 virtues to be the best man you can be.

  8. Google Sky Map

    Men are naturally curious. With the help of the Google Sky Map, a boy will easily locate the constellations present in an area. You just have to turn on the Google Sky Map on your Android phone, point it on a particular area of the sky from your view and it will automatically distinguish the constellations present there.

  9. Backcountry Navigator GPS

    This is a must-have app for those who are fond of hiking and getting into mountains and trails. This will guide you on getting on some of the fishing spots and several paths in which you can walk. The best thing about this app is that it works even if you don’t scan any cellphone signal.

  10. Seesmic

    Just like any other gender, being online always is important through the use of Seesmic. This can help you to be online and manage your social networking accounts. It supports wide array of social networking sites.

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