10 Must Have iPhone Apps For Bloggers On The Move

iPhone is now one of the most used gadgets worldwide. Along with this is the fact that there are a lot of bloggers who decided to own an iPhone because it is really convenient to use. As of now, there are a lot of applications which are specifically made for bloggers. Actually, the list of applications below is must-haves and you definitely need to download them all.

  1. WordPress

    WordPress started to conquer the handheld world by offering the app for iPhone. With this app, you are able to post new blogs, create drafts, comment, and share your blogs and other WordPress blogs. With its latest update to version 8, it now allows you to share your snapped photos instantly to WordPress.

  2. EverNote

    This allows you to save your ideas and put it into your blogs right away. You can take down texts, audio, and video notes. This is indeed a helpful application since it can make your life as a blogger lighter and easier. Obviously, EverNote is created to organize your blogger tasks.

  3. TypePad

    Well, not all bloggers use WordPress as the blogging platform. With this, TypePad is a life saver. You can do almost all the things which a blogger can do using a computer like posting new blogs, commenting, and even sharing to social networking sites. Also, TypePad for iPhone can successfully integrate with your desktop client too.

  4. PayPal

    PayPal is obviously a must-have for bloggers. Most bloggers earn through their blogs and PayPal is the way to get their money from their hard work. Having a PayPal application on your iPhone can make it easier for you to view the latest transactions. It also allows you to pay for some blog-related services you are planning to buy.

  5. Instapaper

    This is an iPhone application which allows you to browse on some of the latest news garnered from the internet. With that news, it will be easier for you to generate new blogs and post the freshest blog possible. Well, being a blogger can be quite competitive especially when you are trying to get the attention of resident readers.

  6. Twitter

    All bloggers managed to have their own Twitter accounts not just to easily share links of their new blogs easily but to chat with others as well. Twitter is now considered as the most effective microblogging service since it is simple and easy to use. Having the official Twitter app on your iPhone can make social networking a lot easier.

  7. Google Analytics App

    Google Analytics is the main interface of bloggers in terms of checking the performance of each blog. This can effectively show the current number of visitors and how popular is it online. Integrating your Analytics account to your iPhone can make the maintenance of your blogs site(s) more convenient rather than visiting it through desktop or laptop frequently.

  8. iEarn

    iEarn is dedicated in providing you a mobile experience of checking your Google AdSense account earnings. It can show you several charts on your daily, weekly, and monthly statistics of your earnings. This also provides your updated stats on AdSense CTR, eCPM, impressions, and clicks.

  9. Byline

    This is a powerful iPhone application which allows you to be updated on the latest updates of the bookmarked blogs. Bloggers usually rely on competitor’s blog sites and try to produce content which can be better than them. Also, the information garnered from those blog sites can be used in producing a unique blog post.

  10. Blogpress

    This supports multiple names in blogging platforms such as TypePad, WordPress, Blogger, and many more. It can also be used in sharing your latest blog posts to some of the known social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. This has a very simple interface very similar with how it looks like using a desktop computer.

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