10 Must have iPad Apps for Bloggers on the Move

iPad is a convenient gadget which allows you to control it almost similarly with a laptop. By using iPad, you also have the ability to working with iOS, a very popular operating system for handheld gadgets. iPad being as a one of the must-have gadgets nowadays, this is also a must for bloggers. Bloggers may now be a complete blogger even without access to laptop or desktop by using some of the iPad apps dedicated for bloggers on the move.

  1. WordPress

    This is a very helpful app for iPad on the part of dedicated WordPress bloggers. It allows you to write blogs, comment, share, and even post photos and videos. This is a free-to-download app making this is an extremely useful app since WordPress is a widely used blogging platform.

  2. Instapaper Pro

    This is a must-have app if you are fond of relying to several websites when posting blogs. This allows you to save the webpage you desire to visit later for future references. This has an affordable price of 4.99 dollars and you will not regret having it.

  3. Things for iPad

    Bloggers always have a busy schedule and this app will help you out. It is also an iPhone app and luckily, it is now available for iPad. This can be considered as a task manager for iPad as it allows you to plan your tasks so completing them will be easier for you. Although the application is quite expensive with 19.99 dollars, it is all worth it.

  4. TweetDeck for iPad

    This is considered as the best Twitter client for desktops and most smart phones. It has a very simple yet faster interface which is divided into columns for you to be updated immediately. TweetDeck is important since most bloggers do have multiple Twitter accounts and TweetDeck is created for it.

  5. EverNote for iPad

    This is an interesting app which allows you to record audio and visual noted for future references. This is indeed helpful for an effective blog post. You can have any type of notes such as a text, a snap shot or some pictures taken by your Camera Roll app.

  6. SimpleSense

    This is an application for iPad which allows you to view your AdSense revenue. We all know that AdSense stats are important for bloggers who wanted to earn from their blogs. It can help you track the visits and clicks to AdSense powered blogs. This also works for iPhone. You should have this since it is a hundred percent free iPad app.

  7. DropBox

    This is an application for iPad which allows you to share and save huge files using a loud-based storage online. With this, you can now access wide array of photos and videos stored through DropBox thus, making it easier for you to post it through your iPad. Take note that this is a free iPad application.

  8. Pingdom

    This is a very helpful app for bloggers which allows you to check if your blog site has a stable connection on search engines. It has an uptime monitor and checks if your blog site is going to be down or down already. This is originally created for iPhone but now, this is now compatible for iPad.

  9. Ego for iPad

    This is a magnificent iPad application which allows you to monitor your website stats and even your Twitter and Facebook account. Get this useful and convenient app for only 4.99 dollars. And guess what, you can access the mentions and web stats just by swiping! Check the application to experience it.

  10. BlogPress

    This also works for WordPress blog. This iPad application can be downloaded for only 2.99 dollars. It allows you to write and post blogs anywhere. You can also share photos and videos very fast. This is a really must-have app for WordPress bloggers and even bloggers who use a different blogging platform.

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