10 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers on the Move

If you are an Android user and a blogger at the same time, then having the Android apps dedicated for people like you is a must-have.Bloggers who often travel needed the help of the Android phone to always update the blogs without the needs of accessing the bulky laptop or desktop PC. The list below will show you some of the best must-have free Android apps for bloggers who always travel.

  1. AndroBlogger

    This is a very convenient Android app which allows you to comment and post on Blogger supported blog sites. Since Blogger is a very popular blog site provider, AndroBlogger is a nice catch. It also allows you to embed photos and videos. You can save a draft of your work if in case you still wanted to add more details later.

  2. EverNote

    This is a powerful Android app for bloggers which allows you to post on blogs by jotting down on its platform, taking photos, and even recording videos. It can take note everything which your brain produces making it tagged as the “extension of your brain”. The great t6hing about EverNote is that it also allows you to sync the data to your desktop or laptop and vice versa.

  3. mAnalytics

    This is an Android app which allows you to review the daily stats of your blog site. It can show you the Google Analytics for free with its traffic charts and stats. This is an extremely free Android app and every blogger should have this on an Android phone. It also has the paid version which can show you more complete analytics details.

  4. Meebo IM

    This is a social networking site app which is somehow helpful to bloggers too. We all know that bloggers should create a loop of people who can always view the blogs he’s working on thus, giving you more readerships. Meebo supports almost all the popular social networking sites and instant messaging through Meebo will be a convenient way of being connected.

  5. NubiNews

    Bloggers need to be always updated on the latest events happening around locally and internationally. NubiNews is an Android app which is integrated with some of the popular news centers internationally particularly CNN and Fox. It can show you the latest news and you are now capable of writing down about them.

  6. PhotoShop.com Mobile

    Well, you are surely aware what PhotoShop is. This is popular computer software which allows you to edit photos effectively. Bloggers should have this especially when you desire to have the most effective and attractive photo for a blog. This Android phone app allows you to rotate, crop, tint, and repair photos.

  7. PixelPipe

    This is an app for Android phones which allows you to capture a photo, record a video and audio and instantly post it on some of the popular sites including your own blog site. After snapping a photo, it will show spaces for you to type in the caption and other important details like the title and tags.

  8. ShapeWriter

    Typing a blog post on your Android phone will never be easy whether it is a touch screen or a QWERTY pad. With the help of the ShapeWriter, it will allow you to input a letter without the need of lifting your finger but you just have to drag it pointing to another letter. With some practice, ShapeWriter will be a great relief for travelling bloggers.

  9. TwiDroid

    This is obviously an app created for bloggers who often update their blog readers through Twitter. It allows you to easily post updates and you can also view your notifications right away since it plays in the background. You can also automatically post the link to your blog using TwiDroid.

  10. WordPress for Android

    WordPress is a popular blog site provider. Most of the known bloggers use WordPress as their platform because it is easy and efficient. With the help of WordPress for Android, you can now manage your multiple WordPress blogs and even post and edit new WordPress blogs.

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