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In early April, the news of acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for a Billion Dollar grand price was everywhere. The user count of Instagram increased in multiple folds after it was launched for Android in the same April.

I recognize that Instagram is an application which can make simple photographs look really beautiful and can make user addictive to it. Even my brother is so much addictive to the application that whenever we are traveling, he can be spotted taking snaps of almost everything he can see and then processing it with Instagram.

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Even I’m getting used to it and liking the application slowly. Sometimes I also like giving Vintage effects to photographs and sharing them with my Friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram itself is a mobile social network and outside of this, there’s no way to access images that people upload. Actually that’s the theory in practice but thanks to the API that Instagram has made available to developers. We can now find an interesting ecosystem of applications that revolve around Instagram and allow us to access the network, for example, from your browser, offering more convenient access to the updates made by our friends and following.

If you are an Instagram addict like my brother then you must take a moment to have a look at the below given 10 web services to enjoy more of Instagram :


Sometime ago, a friend of mine suggested me to try Webstagram, a web service which gives us the ability to access Instagram through the desktop browser. The service is accessible to both Instagram registered users and general visitors who are not a part of this network. Anyone can search for users and images without having to be validated.

Webstagram uses the Instagram api to validate with the network. With this service, users can even click like someone’s images/photographs or comment on them. You can view photos of the people you follow, browse popular photos, get RSS feeds etc. Webstagram is one of the Best Instagram Web Viewer.


(Link – Webstagram)


Streetgram is just another web app which let you browse the huge chunk of photos by the Instagram-ers’. One can search images on basis of tags and city name or search Geo-tagged photos over a map. The service allows you to create own collection of photos, explore user profiles and discover beautiful places around you.


(Link – Streetgram)


Instalog is unique in its own way. It allows you to create a timeline/journal out of your Instagram photos. The service is presently accessible but undergoing updates. The service is available to logged in users only.


(Link – Instalog)


Instafeed provides a simple web interface to explore Instagram photos. You can browse your Photo Feeds, discover popular photos, like and post comments and follow and unfollow people. Instafeed is available to Instragram users only. One have to ‘Sign in’ with Instagram to use Instafeed.


(Link – Instafeed)


It is another interesting web service to access Instagram from the desktop browser.

Like other applications that offer Web access to Instagram, Gramfeed allows us to engage in conversation and access to publications but also includes many interesting details/features like inserting a Google map on which we can see markers indicating the places where the snapshots were taken (as long as the user have Geolocation feature activated for photographs) and allows users to download photos of your choice (although it is important not to lose sight of the authorship and avoid misusing photographs taken by others).


(Link – GramFeed)


InstaFriends is one of the most unique Instagram related web service available on web. It provides the easiest way to manage your Instagram Friend Circle. Additionally, it also lets you know about the people who are not following you back. #Pretty-Impressive, huh ?


(Link – InstaFriends)


Hashgram is a cloud based app which provides the best and simplest way to search, discover and explore Instagram images in real time. Hashgram looks more like  a search engine with a clean interface and is highly appreciated globally.


(Link – Hashgram)


Fourist uses Instagram’s rich photo stream to collect the most popular photos during weekend (Friday 5PM to Saturday midnight) from cities around the world.

Popularity is determined by the number of people who like a photo (with ‘#Fourist’ hashtag) through Instagram.If you want your photograph to be profiled on Fourist, then be sure to add  #Fourist while you upload your photo.Weekends are always interesting, beautiful, fun and sometimes weird. So this app and its concept draws good user attention.


(Link – Fourist)


InstaEarth is a nicely done map visualization of Instagram. You can explore Popular photos, view your feed, view your uploads and see likes. There’s also a Geo feature which allows you to check photographs near you and from popular places. It also allows you to view photos in thumbnails and even provides you a unique link of the page you are browsing, which you can then share over social media, email etc.


(Link – InstaEarth)


If you like Pinterest which is the third most popular social network among US users then you will surely love the Instadash App.

This service also offers a Web Interface to access Instagram updates from users and that too in a Pinterest style interface. You are provided a panel where you can explore latest publications from your contact and comments made on them. To access the service will have to give permission to the application to access our profile and also using the Instagram API, we can post comments or make one like on the photos that we like.

Instadash for instagr.am

(Link – Instadash)


ExtraGram is just like other web apps providing the same web interface fr InstaGram photos, the ability to see streams, interact with users, comment on photos, explore Photos on Map based on Geotags etc.


(Link – Extragram)

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